Judicial Corruption: Introductory Thoughts

Judicial corruption is serious business. Before we make an attempt to describe the meaning of that term for this webpage an introduction is in order.


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  1. Hi Don-
    I found your site looking up judicial misconduct information. Judge Kathleen R. Mulligan refused to recuse after I had to present my own motion for recusal and she proceeded to enter an order violating my first amendment rights. Of course I am just a lowly divorced mother of four so who cares right?

    See what I wrote about it below:

    I believe that my children, Michael Clark, Jennifer Clark, Phillip Clark, Kristina Clark and myself, Valette Clark, have had our civil rights violated by the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Family Division by mandating that I remove documentation and language from my web site known as http://www.valetteclark.com with a court order dated 9-13-2010.

    An order has been issued on September 13, 2010 by Judge Kathleen Mulligan in response to a petition from my ex husband to shut down my web site known as http://www.valetteclark.com and or remove documentation from the site. The documentation that the judge chose to order removed proves my claims of fraud and corruption in our family case. This new order requires me to remove blogs, comments, personal emails, and correspondence between myself and my lawyers or face sanctions from the judge. This public web site has been operating for over a year. The documentation and language highlighted in the order has been categorized as “business documents” belonging to a medical practice known as Ophthalmology Associates of Osbourne at 1099 Ohio River Blvd. Sewickley PA. It is a medical practice owned by my ex husband, Kevin D. Clark M.D..

    I had signed a confidentiality agreement in 2002 referring to “business documents” owned by this medical practice such as corporate tax returns, corporate minutes and financial statements etc. The current order uses this agreement as its basis to remove from the website the documentation of fraudulent child support orders, a fraudulent settlement agreement, personal emails and correspondence between me and my lawyers and or the Allegheny County Family Division and information about health insurance and life insurance for my children.

    Judge Kathleen Mulligan presided over the Family Division Case since 2001. The petition filed on behalf of Mr. Clark outlined 3 orders from the original case to support the petition. Judge Mulligan put into place those orders. The orders were 1) a gag order, which applied only to me and my children, 2) an order to seal, obtained by Mr. Clark, and 3) the confidentiality agreement covering “business documents”. The petition was presented before Judge Kathleen R. Mulligan on March 25, 2010. Since the continuing Family Division Case was outlined in the website, and Judge Mulligan was part of the process in question, I presented a motion for recusal before Judge Mulligan and was denied. The judge set down the matter for a conciliation hearing on April 27, 2010. At that hearing, the petitioner sited the confidentiality agreement covering “business documents” as a legal remedy to remove all of the documented evidence of fraud and corruption from public eye.

    The judge complied with this request in the recent order dated September 13, 2010. On its face the order appears to be removing “business documents” some of which do not exist and never have. The items specifically named to be removed in section 2, A-M are all of evidence of fraud such as personal emails from me to and from my own lawyers and the family division, changed court orders for child support, correspondence and court orders pertaining to child support, the settlement agreement and insurance. Judge Mulligan goes a step further in refusing me the right to speak in posts or blogs about my personal financial situation pertaining to child support or insurance now or in the future or on any other web site claiming this information is protected by an agreement specifically removing any documents other than corporate documents owned by the medical practice known as Ophthalmology Associates of Osbourne.

    Are you surprised Don? Val

  2. Ray says:

    You will want to see this.

    See http://supremelyunjust.weebly.com/they-swear-what.html
    plus related website pages.

    It shows utter proof of judicial corruption in 3 U.S. federal courts (on the first two pages of the website)…and then shows that U.S. govt officials have broken their oaths of office!! (on the page above).

    Included is a Petition to the Supreme Court, the Court’s response, etc. plus a letter from a U.S. politician. Interesting stuff!

  3. ali waris says:

    Based in Philadelphia, PA, judicial corruption protest is my passion. Who would like to help organize these protests? Any ideas, any support?

  4. ali waris says:

    Based in Philadelphia, judicial corruption protest is my passion. Check my website and drop me a note. My other website is: CleanUpPhillyCourts.Com

  5. Ali Waris says:

    Please sign my Petition “Court Corruption” to reform Pennsylvania judiciary.


    I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.


  6. Lynn Lombardozzi says:

    I have one of these cases, in Northampton County, PA. President Judge is the ‘handler’… and ad litem … and they were my CO-WORKERS… I worked in DHS/HHS… and the system assigned my CONFLICT CO-WORKER… he AIDED TO TERRIFY/traumatize my children and me…. even going so far as making my children give him the keys to my house [*** no C&Y case… he was not to involve***] and this C&Y worker was TRESPASSING in my home !!! I have pretty much been through it all… and it was EASY FOR THEM TO JUST TERMINATE ME from my job BECAUSE THEY DID NOT WANT TO INVESTIGATE THIS!!… when I complained. And SO THAT I WOULD NOT HAVE FINANCES TO PAY A LAWYER.

    Please help me and my babies !!! I have 12 years legal secretarial experience… was a juvie Judge’s secretary… 7 years working with HHS/DHS … and I KNOW WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US. State OOR [Office of Open Records] will not respond to requests for vendor payments.

    Lynn Lombardozzi …. 610.8821.0123

  7. albeam17 says:

    Back in 2007 I was charged with a DUI in Lebanon County. I was not only denied my right to council, but the prosecutor filed for and was granted a motion for me to have a trial without a jury without my presence to speak on my behalf about the motion. . I was never given a copy of discovery, allowed to call witnesses on my behalf and to make things worse even though I informed the judge that I was under the influence of narcotic Prescription pain killers he still forced me to represent myself at trial.

    Obviously I was found guilty in spite of the fact they couldn’t produce any physical evidence to collaborate the testimony. I was picked up about a mile from a DUI checkpoint by a chase car. I was then transported to the checkpoint where my blood was taken in an ambulance at the DUI check point where multiple blood samples had been taken.

    I was never allowed to sign a seal verifying that it was in fact my blood. My request to the court at trial was could I have my own lab verify that it was in fact my blood. It was impossible that my BAC could have been that high and had I been able to subpoena the bar tender he could have verified that. They didn’t have my blood sample. when the investigating officer testified he didn’t even have the color of my car right. He said his probable cause was me speeding and I had a registration light out. I was never cited for either. I had a mechanic who would have testified that I in fact had no lights out. Even though I had told the officer I could have someone come and get my car he impounded it. When I got to trial the charges were DUI and an abandoned vehicle. I asked the officer why the charges had changed and immediately the DA stood up and said we withdraw the summary your honor. When I asked the officer which light was out he said he couldn’t remember. At that point I didn’t know how to file an appeal and as a result of the knee injury I was enduring I was unable to work and/or afford an attorney so I went back to Tn to stay with a friend until my knee healed up.

    Now I am in a situation where my 89 yr old mother needs me to be in Pa to take care of her. The problem is I have a warrant for my arrest. I was afraid to put myself at the mercy of a court for sentencing that completely denied me of my constitutional rights. I was asking around about civil rights attorneys and your name came up. Is there anything I can do about this now?

  8. Ashley Curry says:

    Hello Sir,
    My comment is I agree with everything you say and are trying to do. I never thought our courts were corrupt until I experienced it first hand. The very system set in place to protect victims ends up ignoring and violating there rights while corrupting and obstructing justice.
    Here’s an example I’d like to share with you, I am a victim in a PFA case, my Husband/ Defendant is charged criminally. I filed for a protection from Abuse and the courts denied my Order even though the Defendant by his own admission was charged, the Court denied it. When he plead guilty to the criminal charges which were the same basis for the Protection from abuse the Court still denied my request for protection RE # 2011-FC-000338-12.
    Husband filed for divorce a month after PFA Order was terminated. This can be found @yorkcountypa.gov through a civil search RE: docket # 2011-FC-000338-02. I than appealed the PFA decision to Superior Court RE: 552 MDA 2011 but still they ignored the law and my rights also issuing a memorandum that can’t be appealed. It’s fair to say they shut me down.
    A month after the divorce was filed my husband than alleged theft of firearms, ammo and other deadly weapons prohibited by the PFA ACT, during the time of the Temporary PFA to the same Court that ordered him not to have them during that time. He also signed a sworn affidavit stating he had no weapons during the time he later said he had them
    I am a disabled young lady who could not obtain council and I thought at least the record would speak for itself. Perhaps in some cases they do However, I had the unfortunate misfortune of going before the Woman beating judge and Public Defender screwer JUDGE THOMAS KELLEY. He ruled that the items existed and I had to pay my abuser for them RE: 2011-FC-000338-15 (petition for prohibition of dissapation of non-marital assets) and it’s Order.
    I did not know this Judge was on the Criminal bench prior and was moved to the civil bench because he had sex with a public Defender who than put a Protection from Abuse Order against him.
    I never knew this could happen as I cried upon leaving the courthouse someone told me this I immediatly looked on the computer and realized the awful truth.
    This Judge heard and ruled on PFA and related cases while having one against himself.
    This was the start of my damage oh and when I asked for a lawyer before the hearing I was told by the Judge I was not permitted or entitled to have one. (awful that if I was a criminal they wouldn’t deny that right but I was never charged of course)
    My husband than took Judge kelley’s order and submitted a claim for a Homeowners policy for the home we never owned. So the Insurance company filed a Declaratory Judgement with a fraud clause at the same Court York County Docket # 2012-SU-000641-44. It is all fraud and the courts assisted it.
    I went to the police, filed a private criminal complaint, mid-penn, Domestic Violence legal services, state Representative, every place available even called plenty of private attorneys no one will do anything for me even wrote to the Department of Justice both criminal and civil division. They pass the buck and sometimes go as far as to say “It happens all the time”. I can’t sleep at night knowing this I post endless posts to persue justice even Argued in case 2013-SU-000113-49 (york county) I have the right to “ACCESS TO JUSTICE” Title 42 chapter 49 and Judge Linebaugh denied my request and put in his order it is not allowed in the commonwealth. That would be like the Judge saying the PFA Act isn’t allowed in the COmmonwealth (perhaps it’s just that county?).
    The laws are only as good as those who uphold and enforce them.
    Justice seems to be an illusion that is only given to the chosen few who can buy it. Our system does resemble that of the Nazi party.
    I find it interesting that Honorable Judge Ballentine who is a black judge that was crucified for Allegedly dismissing parking tickets (which were not even valid but the papers don’t mention that) and she is humiliated publicly and punished suspended 18 months yet JUDGE THOMAS KELLEY a white judge, can’t keep his hands or penis to himself, he get’s moved to the civil bench to continue his unjust screwing, unpunished and unscathed.
    That is racist and wrong but I called news 8 and even they won’t touch this.
    I’m tired of taking crap from the courts and legal system I’m ready to help make a change and difference. The way I see it is they already ruined my life so what else have I to lose but to fight to get it back and hold these corrupt courts accountable.
    Lastly, I gotta say too I believe there is biast in Pro Se litigant’s my case is a pure example of how an In Forma Pauperis litigant who is Pro Se is trampled by the system that claims to uphold our very judicial rights. And how disgusting it is that a criminal has there rights to a fair trial upheld and a poor disabled lady who is a law-abiding citizen can’t be defended against the above mentioned. It makes me sick, but what is there to do except keep telling people and of course pray for change to prevent further victims of the corrupt courts
    Please contact me via email if you or someone you know can help.
    Thank you, Good luck to you as well, and God Bless
    Respectfully submitted

  9. linda s. ritter d'amato says:

    A very big problem for years with Kathleen Mulligan; Allegheny County Judge. And have a court order from herself saying the same problem would happen again and it did. This judge ripped me and the whole family to part; the other family still remains homeless and dependent for generations on or in the system and she tends to like it that way! After over 40 years and counting; I would think that Pittsburgh; or should I just say that Allegheny County would or should have wised up! Now this judge has had about 5 years on this case. She did not retire after-all. But her and I will soon be on a “first name basis”. And I would just love to know if she really has kids. Two boys?? Wow. Ironic!

  10. Melissa Barnes says:

    I too had the misfortune of being in Judge Kelley’s courtroom for a pre-trial conference in regard to the custody of my two young sons. My ex had two prior marijuana arrests and at the time was not driving since he lost his license in a DUI incident. My ex was never around and the mental abuse pushed me to the point where I was having breakdowns. I felt punished and bullied in Kelley’s courtroom, as he told me I would lose custody of my boys and my ex was, “a dad just trying to keep his kids”. Kelley wouldn’t hear any of it. He did not use the 16 key points of custody guidelines to determine custody and now my ex is still hounding me. He filed for child support a few weeks ago because he can’t afford the mortgage on the house he built to keep my boys out of the better school district I want them to attend. Judge Kelley has no idea about what is good for kids and clearly his judgment is clouded when it comes to custody and his treatment of women.



  12. Adrienne Maxwell says:

    Simple. How do I contact you for paid legal advice but pro se. I’m in search of a lawyer who is not afraid of the corrupt judges lawyers GALs and so on. I have contacted the judiciary conduct board. The attorney disciplinary board. The pa state secretary and more for some serious help in making those responsible for their actions accountable and am in search of a lawyer who does not live within my county lines bc if a lawyer lives and works in this area they are not going to go forward and damage their reputation with their colleagues and put themselves before them daily to continue to work in the area they live. Please at least respond if you can contact me either way. Thank you. Sincerest regards.

  13. tina vuchinich says:

    Allegheny County Family Court keeps altering my support orders also, issuing fraudulent support orders after you leave the court house and believe you settled on one amount and a few days later I get another completely different court order in the mail dismissing all my requests. My ex owns his own Contracting Business and makes $150,000 yr and the courts refuse to look at my evidence, and only force him to pay $698 per month. My kids don’t have food half the time due to this corrupt court system abusing our children and working for the men, helping the men strong arm the mothers financially. Plus my Ex doesnt live in Allegheny County, he lives in Washington county and the Case shouldnt be being held with Allegheny County but My ex is desperately keeping our support case with Allegheny county because he loves how corrupt the courts are in allegheny county. He got off on murder charges, insurance fraud charges through allegheny county paying the judges off.

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