Why the “EX”. Ex attorney may not be technically accurate since Bailey has merely been suspended for 5 years. But then the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, headed up by Ron Castille, engaged in a number of Rule violations (its own rules) and other disingenuous procedural actions to make sure that Bailey didn’t get a hearing. The broader, deeper story, is integrated in new revisions and additions to this website. By suspending Bailey, as opposed to disbarring him, the Supreme’s insured that Bailey would not get a hearing. They accomplished this by denying him his procedural due process rights while he was before the Disciplinary Board below. The politics and policies of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court are in dire need of review by our citizens and an even greater need of reform. And not just because some injustice has been handed to Attorney Don Bailey but because the rights, privileges, and immunities of American citizens are being seriously violated every day by a judicial system necessitating fundamental reform. These issues are discussed below. Please engage in a serious review and hopefully, when completed, you’ll help.

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