The Don Bailey Story – a video presentation

Video Interview of Don Bailey by Citizen’s Reform Center – Part 1

This video has been posted on “The Don Bailey Story” page on this website, and also posted here as an update as well.

The Citizen’s Reform Center met with Attorney Don Bailey recently.  This interview provides an intimate glimpse inside the mind of the renowned civil-rights attorney, covering his tremendous amount of service and dedication for this country, the Constitution, and its citizens over the years.  The most decorated war veteran during the 97th U.S. Congress, Don Bailey discusses his days in Vietnam, his service in the U.S. House of Representatives, his time as Auditor General of Pennsylvania, judicial misconduct, corruption within Pennsylvania and the Federal Government, and what ultimately led him to practice law.

Video Interview of Don Bailey by Citizen’s Reform Center – Part 2

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3 Responses to The Don Bailey Story – a video presentation

  1. Anna M. Berkey says:

    Hi Don…
    Thank you again for coming to JOE LIVE!
    We Would Love To Have you AGAIN.
    You may call me at my cell 717 461 schedule your next appearance!
    Thanks Again: Anna

  2. Scott Davis says:

    Do you have an e-mail address? Please call 484-751-7031 or 215-233-5369;
    or send to
    Thank you!

  3. Thomas says:

    My Fellow Americans:
    Are we sure that “We the People” are still United? Is this the same Country of the United States of America where many immigrants came from all over the world, like my grandfather, to contribute with their hard work to the building of a nation under GOD where it is believed that “all man are created equal?” Is the United States of America still a Country where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are integral Rights of the People?
    The Founding Fathers of this beautiful New Nation, the United States of America, of which we thank GOD for its blessings, on September 17, 1787, adopted the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the very first Presidency of the newly formed United States was inaugurated in New York on April 30, 1789 with George Washington as its first President. From then on, the standard of living of said new country started rising to become, by far, one of the highest of all countries. Throughout its social, economic, political and military growth, many of our brave American soldiers have been submitting their lives to serve and protect the American People’s Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all in a nation under GOD where it is believed that “all man are created equal”. Then, it is up to “WE the People” to keep it that way and respect and honor what our many immigrants, like my grandfather, have contributed to the United States of America to strengthen the ideals of our Founding Fathers so that all the People could equally benefit from them. Unfortunately, these ideals no longer echo in the hearts of some of our many elected Politicians who, instead, through their “Corrupt” actions, defy them as they choose to be the Domestic enemies of “WE the People”. My family and I have experienced first hand the ugliness and destructive effects of our local government “Corruption”! As a registered Republican and a resident of Warren, New Jersey, I strongly believe in the People’s “Rights” and I absolutely condemn any type of “Corruption”. I must say that our President Obama has been consistent with what he promised to do during his campaign, but I cannot say the same for Governor Chris Christie, a former United States Attorney for New Jersey. He promised that he would have cleaned-up Trenton from “Corruption”, but the “Corrupt” offices are still running the State! Since 2004, I have brought the unlawful deeds committed in the Giddes Lane and Sleepy Hollow developments to the attention of varies authorities, such as the Somerset County Prosecutor, officials at State levels, State Attorney Generals, Governor Chris Christie, senators and congressmen, but they have all either ignored them or have left me with empty promises. Even after I have provided the State Attorney General with some Criminal evidence of “Government Corruption” regarding to the Sleepy Hollow and Giddes Lane developments, Governor Chris Christie has yet done nothing about it!
    “We”, The People of the United States of America, have never authorized our local elected government representatives to undermine our Bill of Rights, the People’s Rights. Indeed, through our votes, we empowered official authorities to protect, enforce, and abide by the people’s equality under the law and not to abuse their powers for their own purposes and interests. In my legal case, as a victim of government “Corruption, I was forced to either act as a Pro-se or forget this matter of “Corruption.” I was told that acting as a Pro-se against these powerful Republican politicians who have control on State authorities was foolish and unsuccessful. On the other hand, to forget the matter was not an option for me since my family has fought for three generations against dictatorship, communism, and fascism to allow democracy to prevail. Three generations in my family have, indeed, put their lives on the line to serve and protect our beloved U.S.A. My son, a US Marine Corps Cpl., has recently completed four years of military service. He was deployed twice overseas in support of Operation Iraqi “Freedom” and Operation “Enduring Freedom”. Along with many other American soldiers who have served, suffered, bled and died, he defended the Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all the American People. I cannot, not even for one instant, allow myself to be selfish on these issues. Thereon, it is shameful of our Government officials to have betrayed my son’s service to our Country. It would be also shameful of us, the American People, to allow “Corruption” to prevail in our State Judiciary System. We cannot witness corruption and do nothing about it! Doing nothing about is as being guilty of treason, an act of disdain to our Constitution and to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Constitution and our Nation under “God” and “Laws”. In my last State of New Jersey court cases against Government Corruption, my Constitutional “Rights”, such as the Right for equal protection of the laws and the Right of a trial by jury and Right to be represented by a Prosecutor, were violated. Why, in my case, didn’t the State Somerset Courthouse Judge order the Sheriff and the Prosecutor to investigate this corruption matter? Based on what standard is “Corruption” not viable for prosecution in these matters of Somerset County? Based on what standard are some “criminal actions”, such as that of the President of the State Board of Shorthand Reporting in providing corrupted documentation to fit my counterparts’ interests during legal proceeding, not “criminal actions”? One must wonder: Is justice a privilege allowed only to the few powerful and corrupt people? Indeed, some of the elected public officers of Warren Township and of the Somerset County have or had a direct conflict of interest with Sleepy Hollow of Warren, L.L.C., and have used this privilege to deny my Constitutional Law Rights of “equality under the “law” and “the pursuit of happiness.” Who is supposed to protect New Jersey homeowners from corruption if not a Court of Law? Who is supposed to protect New Jersey homeowners from a forceful deprivation of their property by criminal authorities if not a Court of Law?
    My family and I are being punished by these Corrupt State Offices just because we are still fighting and standing up to “Corruption,” a Domestic enemy of “WE the People”! I am in need to find a lawyer with integrity who is willing to fight for justice on behalf of the abused and defenseless persecuted citizens who, alone and unskilled, cannot get any justice served against Corrupt State Officials, In my case, in fact, no attorneys or prosecutors would consider getting involved in it since taking this case it would entail dealing with local government Pay-To-Play illegal activities, “Government Corruption”, and an investigation of the Somerset County Court and the existing conflict of interest that ties a member of a powerful Republican politician’s law firm, to the Somerset County, the Sleepy Hollow development, and Judiciary Senators who have control on who becomes judge, who becomes prosecutor, and who gets tenured.
    The very ideals that engender Americans’ fierce loyalty to our Constitution are being eroded by “Corruption” and “favoritism” in many areas. In support to such statement, I have complete documentation, tapes and video tapes that provide evidences of our local government corruption. These evidences are all available for your review and acknowledgment.
    I encourage every American who hasn’t already done so; secure a copy of our United States Constitution. Read it thoroughly and become familiar with its amazing wisdom, as well as how its system of checks and balances operate. American Citizenship and Freedom was paid for with the Blood of far too many to be taken for granted. If you don’t know our Constitution, you will not be able to see when it’s being ignored or subverted. ‘Freedom Requires Vigilant Citizens.’

    My hope and need now is to find some lawyer or prosecutor who is generous and willing enough to dedicate any effort in helping me and my family to bring justice to this legal case. Gage v. Warren Twp. NJ

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