Issues of Importance

Issues of Importance

There is no matter of greater importance to the political and social stability of America than the integrity and competence of America’s courts. This is especially true of the federal courts who are primarily charged with preserving the civil rights of individuals and providing citizens access to fair and impartial judicial process as a defense against the pernicious power and abuse of government officials and government institutions.

Just as the  authoritarian regime of Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany he directed his “Brown Shirts” to burn the Reichstag. At that time, Hitler’s Nazis were a minority party.

13 individuals were indicted by the then independent authorities and included was a weak minded person whom the Brown Shirts had threatened and forced to ignite the fire.

The judges i.e.the court (which was independent) rendered a decision dismissing the charges against all of the accused save the one person who lit the match. All of the defendants were political opponents of Hitler and the Nazis.

Hitler used the purported threat to civil order to acquire emergency powers. He didn’t relinquish his control until he had caused the death of more than 50 million people including more than 6 million  Jews upon whom he unleashed the most horribly cruel and barbaric mistreatment known in human history. The Holocaust.

Hitler was so upset with the court, which had released the falsely accused objects of his sick and twisted hatred that he directed from that time forth that every trial could only be held in a Nazi court. The Nazi courts were totally unchecked.