The Don Bailey Story – Part 2

Video Interview of Don Bailey by Citizen’s Reform Center – Part 2

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  1. Anthony Marceca says:

    Keep up the Fight

  2. Sparky says:

    “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at
    least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

    – Theodore Roosevelt

    This is the only way I know how to describe my admiration for my friend Don Bailey, Esquire.

    Sparky McLaughlin (Retired Narcotic Agent)

  3. John R. Large says:

    john large says:
    December 9, 2011 at 7:10 pm
    I am a victim of Judicial corruption in Carbon County. My daughter is too. We are both disabled. What can be done ? When I initially spoke out about the CORRUPTION of Judge David Addy (Carbon County), I was incarcerated for 9 months on fabricated charges and spent another three months in a Brain Injury Program called ReMed in Paoli, Pa., minutes from the Judge Charles B. Smith (West Chester)who directed the imprisonment. I was given a $100,000 grant from The State Health Dept of Health Head Injury Program and they paid ReMed $75,000. The other $25,000 disappeared. After I was released, I began to dig, deeper and deeper and discovered the disappearance of the $25,000. Again I spoke out even bolder and mad as Hell. Since my accusations of CORRUPTION, my Visitation rights with my disabled daughter were severely limited. She wants to live with me, but the Judges are tied to the Law firm of Tallman Hudders and Sorrentino of Allentown, Pa., who are protecting a $175,000 Medicaid Home-based waiver State program paid by Carbon Monroe Pike MH/MR to Around the Clock Nursing Agency of Allentown, Pa. In March and April 2011, my daughter appeared with Black and Blue bruises consistent with physical restraint. I reported this to MH/MR and Pa Home Health Hotline. No Mandatory Rporting Laws were followed. The Pa State Police refused to prosecute, I appealed to the Carbon County DA and he ignored my repeated pleas for help. Because of my persistence, my Visitation with my daughter has been terminated by another Judge John L. Braxton (Philadelphia) with even closer ties to the Law firm that is protecting Around the Clock Nursing Agency’s lucrative State-funded contract. And I haven’t seen her since the last bruising incident in April. I’m hoping to see her for Christmas but it seems unlikely. What happened to me was wrong and I’m very angry about it, but what is happening to my daughter has touched a nerve so deep in my soul that I can hardly bear to restrain myself from wanting to inflict bruises on the bastards that hurt her and the ones protecting the bastards who hurt her. Who does one turn to when the ones that are suppose to protect the weakest members of our society are the ABUSERS themselves ????? Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed. Perhaps a cerebral approach is just not the answer anymore ???? !!!!!!!!!! Perhaps this post will lead to more fabricated charges and another prison term or an indefinite stay in a state psychiatric hospital, where even more state funded kick-backs will be distributed to the crooked Judges. Can anyone help us, please ? my home telephone number is 570-645-9769, ask for John, any time of the day or night !
    I also posted this on the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network

    • mike ference says:

      I certainly do not want to get your hopes up, but for the past 23 years I have been investigating the corruption in PA government and the Catholic Church. Follow the path that leads to the Zappala Crime Family. Former PA Chief Justice Steven Zappala reports to at least two organized crime families, most likely the Scranton family including DeNaples and whatever is left of the combined Pittsburgh, Youngstown and possibly Cleveland organized crime family. Zappala controls all the upper part PA outside of Philadelphia and across the commonwealth to western PA.

      He controls the judicial system, district attorneys, police chiefs, etc. The mob no longer whacks people, they simply set them up and put them in jail. The FBI, PA State Police and PA Attorney General’s Office will do nothing to help out. More than likely, their top people have been compromised by the Zappala Crime Family.

      Hope this helps. My name is Mike Ference and I can be reached at 412-233-5491 or email me at

      The institution your daughter is in is probably owned by firends of the Zappala Crime Family or the law firm you mentioned are friends.

      The Zappala Crime Family controls the PA Turnpike Commission, Casino Board and who knows what else. Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala Jr. sits on the board of the US Bishops Conference that oversees clergy sex abuse. The Pittsburgh Diocese has been able to cover crimes against innocent children for decades, thanks to the help of the Zappala Crime Family. Judge Zappala sits on the Pittsburgh Diocese Clergy abuse committee, no complaints ever make it past the committee even though the Pittsburgh Diocese has been a hotbead of clergy sex abuse cirmes and cover ups for decades and decades.

      Mike Ference

  4. Paula Lombardi says:

    Sorry to see you like this Don. I spoke to you some years ago about my case. I am still fighting for my rights in Delaware County. This particular judge has given me a very difficult time since I had one of his orders vacated in 2004. It seems he has a personal vendetta against me. He has held my file in his chambers since the original trial took place in in 1999.
    Pray I have some resolution after a conference this coming Monday.
    When I listen to you in this video, I hear your frustration with the system and I know that you are one of the good ones.
    Take care of yourself.

    Paula Lombardi

  5. paula says:

    Well, yesterday what was supposed to be a conference, was not a conference at all.
    I was tricked into appearing in court. The judge committed fraud. He gave me 10 days to remove a lien on a property in NJ without proof that my opponent has paid his debt to me and I reminded the judge that he does not have JURISDICTION in New Jersey. I asked for proof of entitlement and got threatened with jail.

  6. Paula Lombardi says:

    Just as I thought, the so called “scheduled conference” for March 5th that I hoped would put an end to this longstanding saga, was just a manipulative tactic to intimidate me and force me to sign away my property rights. Sheriffs came toward me as Judge Pagano ordered me to discharge a lien I “legally hold” on my opponent’s NJ property. My opponent has never paid his debt. There was no complaint on the record nor testimony or proof of his claim.
    The FIRST time this judge tried to steal my note from me, Superior Court VACATED his order; July 2004. My opponent’s attorney refiled within weeks back in the lower court. yeah, how about that. Res judicata! Miraculously, he was DENIED;June 2005. OK,that judge died in Sept 2008. I received a letter about a week later from one of Pagano’s buddy judges. Seven months later, I get a letter to show up in court for a hearing; June 2009… That’s right. No new complaint, no evidence or testimony… NO JURISDICTION. The lien is in N, I live in Pa. Of course, I appealed and it got sent right back in Pagano’s lap.
    Bottom line..on March 5th, when I told Pagano he had no jurisdiction and asked him to ask my opponent if he paid me…I was steered and told I would go to jail on March 15th if I do not discharge the lien of the NJ property.
    No lawyer has the b–ls to take my case. Not even legal aid. (Pagano is on the board).

    If I did not have Lupus and a LBBB, I would challenge him on the 15th. But…I have a wonderful family that wants me around. I would not survive in jail with my illness and at 61 years old.

    Your thoughts?

    • Sue says:

      I am also the victim of a judicial system run amok in Delaware County. Let’s see… I had to pay my husband support even though he refused to work or even look for a job (thank you Master McNearney you corrupt old bag). Then I was given 6 months on a bogus PFA. Why? Because my husband feared I had planted a bomb in his car. (That is ludicrous! I don’t even know how to build a bomb!). Now I have a judge who doesn’t see the dissipation and fraud my husband committed. Um, let me see — he bought a house in Michigan with marital funds 6 months before filing for divorce, paid cash, titled house in other woman’s name and this is not dissipation?!? Are you kidding me? He also bought two mistresses new cars (I drive a POS). Delaware County has to be one of the most corrupt counties in PA!

  7. Gary M says:

    My civil rights were violated by local law enforcement. The violations involved my first, fourth and fourteenth Amendment rights. They were text book cases. Even the search warrant was illegally issued as there was no evidence of a crime being committed. I was lambasted through a media feeding frenzy initiated by the local police and DA (They published me as on the run to the media 2 days before they notified me I was being charged with a heinous crime and thus my character destroyed. The Middle District Court gave the DA prosecutorial immunity and the police officers in their depositions blamed everything on the DA. Good grief! Now I and my family are out of money, cannot afford any more “justice”, my attorney is not able to practice anymore. Please be in prayer for these folks. I pray whole-heartedly to Jesus for Don’s redemption and return to law so that all may see and recognize his good deeds and follow suit in practicing “good”law.

  8. YOU can be in LAWLESS AMERICA…THE MOVIE – Documentary about Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption. It will be filmed in all 50 states. They need as many victims as possible. They need victims from all aspects of judicial corruption and government corruption. The movie will expose corruption in every state and will focus on victims. They will expose corrupt judges and corrupt government officials, and we will confront a number of the crooks. As of today, April,14, 2012, it is not too late to get your information to them to be in the movie, but they do need it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Go to this web page for more info:

    This is your big opportunity speak out and let the world know about the corruption in Pennsylvania- don’t miss it! We need to all come together and fight the corruption!
    William Windsor is bringing people together and doing an outstanding job of fighting the corruption in the US. Check out his web site at Lawless America to see what he is doing.

  9. Adele Vessia says:

    I have been filmed for Lawless America.NY courts have violated ALL MY RIGHTS and terminated me from my children illegally on lies the truth is on my side 100% and have documents and transcripts to prove all. I need an attorney to sue all involved read all notes on Suffolk County Court Corruption site and my Lawless America profile page.The only rights I have left is freedom of speech and prayer this is appaliing in America they have broke me $ to nothing and slandered me as insane when I have never collected a disability check EVER because I don’t qualify. I will fight these corrupt bastards even broke they have messed with the wrong MOM my children are my life and they took all.I need counsel to sue all get my children and accountability and damages this is going on from 2007 to date and they are now threatening me with incarceration on wrongly imputed child support terminated from my children… while slandering me publically online with lies so I can’t even get a job this is dispicable. I want JUSTICE ASAP. Please help. Bill Windsor knows my story well and saw transcripts proving the judicary corruption.Please help.
    Adele Vessia/facebook Suffolk County Court Corruption.

  10. Donna Reed says:

    I think it is a great idea to examine Don Baileys alleged “disobedient” comments about our judges, as soon as they complete an investigation into the accusations Judge Stearns made is completed.

    “The motion accused Kline & Specter of disseminating “false, misleading and confusing information” to class members about the MDL settlement and the status of other state court cases.

    As evidence, the motion cited Web sites established by Kline & Specter under the domain names and that offered to “welcome” potential members to “the class” and invited purchasers of the drug “to register for the Lupron class action.”

    After reviewing the Web sites, Stearns issued an order in which he found that the sites were intended to mislead potential members of the MDL class.

    Stearns said he concluded “the typical registrant on a Kline & Specter Web site would not know that he or she was opting out as a participant in the MDL class by ¿registering’ with Kline & Specter. Moreover, neither of the Web sites explained that a registrant who opted for inclusion ¿in litigation in the state courts’ might (depending on his or her state of residence) be left with no means of recovery.”

    The ruling said that while Kline & Specter was “perfectly free to criticize the proposed settlement agreement … they are not privileged to engage in deceptive conduct manipulating the very consumers they claim to protect.”

    “deceptive conduct manipulating the very consumers they claim to protect”

    Go right ahead and investigate what happened to cause United States Federal Judge Richard Stearns for Massachusetts to make that statement.

  11. Donna Reed says:

    Specter has helped to diversify judiciary
    I enjoyed Kathleen Brady Shea’s July 10 article, “Chester County Judge Sanchez joins the federal bench in Pa.,” but was surprised to note no reference to Sen. Arlen Specter (R., Pa.), who spoke at the ceremony and was lavishly praised by other speakers for his help in the appointment of Juan Sanchez to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District.
    Specter’s extremely important contribution has gone largely unnoticed. He and the late Sen. John Heinz created a bipartisan judicial nominating panel in 1981, continued by Sen. Rick Santorum and Specter, that emphasizes merit and eliminates cronyism, which is still the rule in many federal districts. The commission’s recommendations are then reviewed by the Pennsylvania senators, who make a recommendation to the President – and it is customarily honored.
    During Specter’s 24-year tenure, 35 federal judges have been appointed to the Eastern District bench with wide diversity among women, African Americans and Latinos. The Eastern District court has been praised as one of the best, if not the best, in the nation.
    During the same period, Specter has participated in the selection of 21 judges for the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals, again with diversity and outstanding selections.
    Specter’s efforts are especially praiseworthy since Pennsylvania confirmations have been secured for all 20 of President Bush’s nominees while more than 60 judges from around the country have been nominated but not confirmed because of gridlock in the U.S. Senate.
    Specter’s efforts have been tireless, and we in Chester County are extremely grateful to him.
    William H. Lamb
    West Chester
    The author is a former justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court” articles

    My, my my. Thus saith the one who went before sanchez 1 year after they got him seated on the bench, then asked for and received $515 an hour in attorney’s fees.

    The “bipartison” panel, co-chaired by Shanin Specter and his law partner Tom Kline, appointed by Arlen, recommended him to the bench, and received a favorable ruling in a massive case.

  12. Donna Reed says:

    After former Chief Justice Ralph Cappy retired, “he joined a Pittsburgh law firm that represents gaming interests… Another former chief justice, Stephen A. Zappala Sr., was hired to be the chairman of Pennsylvania Casino Association, an organization funded by several casino operators. The PCA was founded by Dick Sprague, an attorney who used to be good friends with (Vincent) Fumo and is an investor in the SugarHouse Casino planned for Philadelphia. Sprague is also a former member of the state’s Judicial Conduct Board. Also an investor in SugarHouse is former Justice William H. Lamb.”

    Do you know who gets preferential treatment in Pennsylania’s courts? Guess?

    “Then-State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo played a key role in crafting the gaming law, which said all legal challenges concerning gaming would be resolved solely by the Supreme Court. Fumo was later convicted of unrelated corruption charges, and is now in federal prison.”

    That is correct. Saint Vincent wrote law guaranteeing that gaming industry disputes do not pass GO. Oh no. They proceed directly to our Supreme Court. Not bad, huh?

    How about those kids imprisoned without legal counsel, for cash, that was used to purchase a condo in Florida, tax-free, by two of our Most Honorable Judges? Since they didn’t have a specially devised law to gain direct access to that Holy Court, why not donate that gorgeous, expensive piece of real estate to them, Judge Cleland? Which is more important, children or slots?

  13. Donna Reed says:

    I am pretty sure that Don’s statements about judicial misconduct will destroy the immpecable reputation of our judiciary. He is one powerful dude, I know. Just never thought he was THAT omnipotent, you know?

    The following true accounts improved and solidified the image of this illustrious body with the public.

    —A former municipal court judge who resigned after being accused of sexually harassing a female public defender who had recently graduated from law school, as well as other attorneys who appeared before him, did not escape legal ethics discipline.
    Although the Arizona Supreme Court could only censure Theodore “Ted” Abrams, 47, and prohibit him from serving on the bench again, because he is no longer a Tucson City judge, it also disciplined him as an attorney, suspending his law license for two years, according to the Arizona Daily Star and the Arizona Republic.
    In June 2008, Abrams began an intimate, consensual relationship with a lawyer (“Attorney A”) whose private practice included criminal defense work. They engaged in sexual contact for several months and maintained a close personal relationship through April 2009. During and after the affair, Attorney A appeared often in cases before Abrams, who neither disqualified himself nor disclosed the relationship to the parties or other counsel.
    152 P.3d 1183, 1186 (2007)). ABA Standard 5.2 is “appropriate in cases involving public officials who engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.” Under that standard, suspension is appropriate “when a lawyer in an official or governmental position knowingly fails to follow proper procedures or rules, and causes injury or potential injury to a party or to the integrity of the legal process.” ABA Standard 5.22.
    Mark Badgett

    RALEIGH — After being removed from office in 2008, former Surry District Court Judge Mark Badgett now is out of the legal profession altogether due to being disbarred.

    That attorney subsequently appeared in court sessions Badgett presided over on “multiple occasions,” but the judge failed to disclose his business relationship to opposing counsel, including members of the local district attorney’s office. Such a relationship can be grounds for disqualification from cases involved.

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday disbarred former Creek County District Judge Donald Thompson, saying Thompson’s repeated use of a sex device in the courtroom brought shame on the judiciary and the legal profession.

    Former Judge Joan Benge, who was removed from the state bench in Jefferson Parish two years ago because her personal relationships influenced her ruling in a personal injury lawsuit, should forfeit her law license for 18 months for breaking attorneys’ rules of professional conduct, a state disciplinary panel has recommended. But since Benge, 55, of Kenner, voluntarily gave up her law license in February 2010 pending the outcome of disciplinary action, she would have already served out the proposed punishment should the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board’s hearing committee recommendation stand.

    Ohio Judge Loses Law License

    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s top court is suspending the law license of a judge who faced complaints of boorish behavior from the bench.
    An Ohio Supreme Court panel says the judge from northwest Ohio behaved in an undignified and unprofessional manner toward lawyers and defendants in his courtroom.
    Van Wert Municipal Court Judge Phil Campbell will lose his law license for six months according to decision issued Thursday.
    Complaints against the judge accused him of calling a lawyer a derogatory name and using his position to make people do what he wanted.
    The court panel says Campbell also asked defendants embarrassing questions about their personal affairs.

    (Raleigh, N.C.-AP) October 6, 2006 – A North Carolina judge lost his law license Friday evening after the State Bar determined that he was dishonest and deceitful when he took the home and life savings of an elderly, senile woman.
    The bar’s decision to strip former District Court Judge James Ethridge of his law license ended his 30-year career as an attorney and judge.
    Ethridge’s judicial district covered Johnston, Harnett and Lee counties. He was accused of taking more than $14,000 and the home of Rosalind Sweet in 2001.
    Ethridge broke down during his three-hour testimony Friday, saying his father would be disappointed in him.

    An explosion of embarrassing news lately about claimed sexual and relationship misconduct by lawyers in positions of authority has cost two their careers.
    A longtime Tennessee prosecutor has resigned, after a female defendant in a felony drug case provided text and voice mail messages to support her claims that he had requested sexual favors, according to the Associated Press and the Kingsport Times-News. Assistant Hawkins County Attorney General Doug Godbee, 57, had been asked to step down by the state attorney general from his job of 30 years.
    And a married New York traffic court judge had his law license suspended for three years. Michael Dorsky, 60, “not only acted improperly in pursuing a personal relationship with the subject of an administrative hearing over which he presided,” says a New York State Appellate Division opinion, “but also engaged in a selective view of the evidence presented at [his disciplinary] hearing, ignored prior warnings about ex parte communications” from his employer, the state Department of Motor Vehicles, “and made false denials about his conduct to the Inspector General’s office.”

    The governor of Wisconsin promised in a press conference earlier this week to seek the removal of a controversial district attorney accused of harassing two women and asking a third to attend an autopsy on a date, as soon as a citizen made the prerequisite complaint.
    Now multiple citizens have stepped up to the plate, but none of the complaints is in the proper form, Gov. Jim Doyle said in a press conference. However, his office is working with the complainants to revise the complaints so that they are adequate to initiate a removal proceeding against Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    Meanwhile, the Wisconsin attorney general is among those criticizing the state’s Office of Lawyer Regulation for not taking action to discipline Kratz after he admittedly sent multiple text messages to a domestic abuse victim seeking a sexual relationship while overseeing the prosecution of her ex-boyfriend.

    Roy L. Pearson, Jr., an administrative law judge in the District of Columbia in the United States, following a dispute with a dry cleaning company over a lost pair of trousers. Pearson filed suit against Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung and Ki Y. Chung, the owners of Custom Cleaners in Washington, D.C., initially demanding $67 million
    Former Ga. judges lose law licenses
    Posted on February 28, 2011 2:16 PM
    By Jessica M. Karmasek

    ATLANTA (Legal Newsline) – The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday accepted former U.S. District Judge Jack Camp’s voluntary surrender of his law license and disbarred former Alapaha Circuit Superior Court Judge Brooks E. Blitch III.
    Camp, who has been a member of the Georgia Bar since 1975, admitted that in November he pled guilty to aiding and abetting a felon’s posssession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, and embezzlement/theft of public property, according to the Court’s two-page order.

    In the case of Blitch — who has been a member of the Bar since 1961 and served as a superior court judge for 27 years — he entered a guilty plea to honest services fraud conspiracy in 2009. He was sentenced to three years probation and fined $100,100, according to the Court’s five-page order.
    After learning of Blitch’s guilty plea, the Bar obtained a special master. Blitch filed a petition for voluntary discipline, seeking a one-year suspension.
    The special master rejected the petition and held a hearing. Afterwards, the special master issued his report and recommendation.
    The special master held that Blitch’s plea arose from a failure on Blitch’s part to abide by certain laws relating to ex parte communications and to notifying victims upon a proposed change of sentence of a criminal offender; that Blitch was never accused of “selling his office” or acting corruptly in a traditional sense, i.e., he was not accused of receiving or demanding or requiring anything for personal benefit.

    Former judge loses law license due to legal problems — WGN…/Former-judge-loses-law-license-due-to-legal-pro...
    Former judge loses law license due to legal problems. The Iowa Supreme Court made the ruling against Judge James A. Weaver.
    Two lawyers accept bar discipline
    September 4th, 2012 · No Comments · Discipline
    A Springfield lawyer who took up with a gambling man 15 years ago has lost her law license for a year based on a federal felony conviction.
    Sharon R. Connelly told a federal judge in 2007 she had no idea her friend, Raj Kumar Bansal, was running a gambling operation until he pleaded guilty to federal racketeering conspiracy charges, according to a published account.
    Judge Claude Hilton acquitted Connelly of racketeering conspiracy, but found her guilty of conspiracy to commit money laundering. She got two years probation. Now, her conviction has cost her the temporary loss of her law license.
    Connelly had retired as director of the Office of Inspector and Auditor at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission when she met Bansal in 1997. Federal authorities said Bansal was a ringleader of a organized crime family running a multimillion-dollar sports gambling operation from Fairfax County.
    With hundreds of clients, the ringleaders organized illegal bets on football and trafficked in marijuana, a police official told The Washington Post in 2006.
    The Virginia State Bar disciplinary board imposed Connelly’s one year suspension Aug. 24. The suspension was retroactively effective as of Jan. 1. Connelly will have to take 60 hours of continuing legal education before resuming the practice of law, according to the VSB.
    Meanwhile, a Fairfax attorney has surrendered his law license admitting he fooled a client into thinking his cases were pending in the courts when, in fact, they were either dismissed or never filed in the first place.
    Shannon M. Guignon agreed to revocation of his law license on July 30, according to the VSB.
    Guignon acknowledged he fabricated settlement agreements and sent them to his client. The client eventually got wise and sued. The legal malpractice claim against Guignon reportedly was settled this year.–

  14. Donna Reed says:

    Dear Don,
    I have to agree with your accusers. If not for you, none of the following would have happened. You, and you alone, are responsible for what these judges did. Not only that, if you would have just played along and pretended nothing was afoul with The Holy Lords of Justice, you wouldn’t be the object of our wrath. Don’t forget dearly beloved, we are without sin. You, YOU, why you were born in sin! How darest thou speak an ill word about us!

    All 96 senators present voted “guilty” on the first article, which concerned his time as a state court judge and his subsequent failure to recuse himself from matters involving a former law partner, with whom he was accused of trading favors for cash.

    As part of a judicial disciplinary investigation, Porteous acknowledged that he had filed a bankruptcy proceeding under a false name, made false statements, concealed assets and gambling debts, and “solicited and received” money and gifts from attorneys who had cases pending in his court.

    “It is now time for justice: justice for the American people who have been exploited by a judge who violated his oath of office,” stated U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith.

    The lenient punishment initially imposed by the Fifth Circuit, and the secretive manner in which it was issued, caused some critics to question the conduct of the appellate court. Prior to the complaint against Kent, of the 671 judicial complaints filed in the Fifth Circuit from 2000 to 2007, none resulted in formal discipline.

    Kent’s case manager, Cathy McBroom, accused the judge of touching her in a lewd manner without her permission on several occasions. “The abuse began after Judge Kent returned to work intoxicated. He attacked me in a small room not 10 feet from the command center where the court security officers worked,” McBroom stated. “He tried to undress me and force himself upon me, while I begged him to stop. He told me he didn’t care if the officers could hear him because he knew everyone was afraid of him.”

    U.S. District Court Judge Edward W. Nottingham, became effective October 29, 2008. Nottingham, who served as the chief judge for the District of Colorado, came under fire when a messy divorce settlement with his third wife revealed salacious details about his personal life, and his problems steamrolled from there.

    The first of four complaints against Nottingham was related to his admission in his divorce case that he had spent $3,000 during a single night at a strip club. Complaint number two was lodged by a disabled attorney who blocked Nottingham’s car with her wheelchair after he parked in a handicap parking space. The attorney said Nottingham identified himself as a federal judge and threatened her. He was fined $100 for the incident. A third complaint accused Nottingham of soliciting prostitutes using his court-issued cell phone and visiting an escort service’s website while at work. He was also accused of lying to investigators about the accusations. On October 10, 2008, a fourth complaint was filed after a prostitute testified that Nottingham was one of her clients and had asked her to lie to federal authorities investigating their relationship.

    Quotes from Prison Legal News

  15. Dear Mr. Bailey;

    I’m Laser Haas – one who has fought tyranny, cronyism & corruption in our systems of justice – for more than a decade now. Some others whom I’m proud to know of include Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard B Sanders, former Asst. U.S. Attorney Rick Convertino, former SEC OIG David Weber, International (disbarred) Attorney Richard Fine, Thane Ritchie (son of Scott Armstrong, G-dson of “the” Bob Woodward) – Florida Disbarred counsel (and spouter almost of “No Justice – No Peace”) Mark Adams Esquire – and our predecessor Israel Weinstock.

    You are a noble son of our country – and a true blue American Hero!

    Thank you for standing tall in the battle against tyranny, cronyism & corruption!

    Laser S Haas

    post script – found out of you, today; upon Professor Jonathan Turley’s blog

    As a homeless man, financially & career destroyed by Mitt Romney & Gang – please take note – he spent $1 Billion and had enough power to get a federal court to withhold my filing naming him – until (speciously) November 6, 2012;


    The inflexible sword of truth works wonders – as does your courage….

    Thank You…

  16. Michelle says:

    Delaware County PA Family court Judges and Masters are horrible.

    I have an appeal that is going to take over a year to get to hearing. The judge allows people to ignore court orders and does nothing. He only made one change to an order (and I am not sure that ws legal) to benifit ONE SIDE. I am getting the feeling that something is up and that maybe he is buddies with the other lawyer because he lets them get away with anything and everything. He wont even enforce his own order.

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  18. Charlotte says:

    Would someone please update this site? As is apparent, those suffering from corrupt behavior must pin hopes on those with some small power to effect change. As pitiful as it sounds we gave up- it’s simply too terrifying. Seeing something be effective somewhere would give hope to victims.

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